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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Student Thoughts - Moments Before Takeoff

Moments Before Takeoff

School is out, the pools are at the perfect temperature, and the air conditioners are at full blast. You'd think that this time would be a time of merriment and joy. Well, you're wrong. Hours of driving in the blistering heat; without that mechanical cool breeze and the sun blazing overhead is the beginning of the misery I go through every year. It all goes downhill after that: getting stuck in traffic, having the strap of your bag dig away at your shoulder while your legs protest from exhaustion, being paranoid that you screw up and end up getting arrested, and praying that you don't end up near a drooling, snot dribbling baby... OR WORSE. Now, you try doing that ALONE: as in, with no friends, no parents. NO ONE YOU KNOW is with you as you make it through this ordeal.

Of course, once you survive the two-hour drive to the airport, make it through the lines, pass security with flying colors, and getting a window seat in the front of the plane isn't as bad as I thought... But what really makes it worth while is the takeoff itself: feeling that rush of adrenaline as the airplane speeds down the hot landing strip, your body being pushed back, as well as the feeling of your stomach greeting your spine for the first time in a year. It makes a whole two hours beforehand worth it. AWESOME!

-J. Richey
Written by a student in Mrs. Matysak's classroom.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Choir Concert Welcomes In the Season

Girls Basketball Profile

Player Profile—Kierstynn Combs

Kierstynn returns for her fourth season on the varsity with very high expectations. Having started the previous two seasons at one of the guard positions, Kierstynn is transitioning this year into a post player where we hope to get her some more favorable matchups. We are also hoping this makes us more difficult to defend when we decide to field a small lineup while still being able to defend all five positions.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Student Thoughts - Old People

Old People

I know everyone likes babies, but I am a bit more interested in a different group of toothless bald people. Yes, I'm talking about old people. It's those moments right after they have told you a pointless story that has probably changed about five dozen times throughout the years and you're walking away. You take a few steps, and realize you have the biggest, cheesiest smile you can muster up all because you know this will be you one day. Awesome!

-H. Rogers

Written by a student in Mrs. Matysak's classroom.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Freshman take the floor.

The KHS Freshman had their home opener in the KHS Gym on November 30, 2010.  The kids played hard but suffered their first loss. 

KHS Show Stoppers Supports Middle School Musical

Knox parents were treated to a wonderful Middle School Musical with a fill performance from the Know Show Stoppers on November 30, 2010.  This was an exciting performance and we look forward to the KHS Winter Concert.

Student Thoughts - Solving Difficult Math Problems

Solving Difficult Math Problems

Most people would say that math is their weakest subject. There is nothing more aggravating than looking at a crazy math problem and feeling completely lost. Some days you feel like you're looking at a book written in Yiddish (and you're not Jewish).

However, on a select few occasions, while looking at the mumbo jumbo of random letters and numbers for several minutes while simultaneously contemplating your own death you see an opening in the equation. BAM!! An “x” goes flying! POW! Negatives are turning into positives! HIGH-YAH! Numbers are dividing out left and right! Suddenly, the clouds part and a ray of sun shines onto your desk. You have just solved the most crazy algebra equation of your life. And it feels... AWESOME!!

-D. Griffith

Written by a student in Mrs. Matysak's classroom.

Monday, November 29, 2010

KHS Swimming @ Home

Boys Swim for KHS in lane 2 and 4.  Way to go Knox!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Knox vs Morgan Township

Despite a fourth-quarter Redskin scoring surge, the Morgan Township Cherokees defeated Knox 66-60 Saturday night, Nov. 27, to take the Redskins to a 0-2 start to the 2010-11 Varsity boys’ basketball season. The Redskins improved their scoring Saturday night by 29 points over their previous showing last Wednesday night.

After being held to just 31 points in a disappointing home-opener loss to North Judson (54-31), the Redskins found the will to score against a tough Morgan Township opponent, putting three of the six scorers in double digits.

Senior Josh Risner improved after scoring just 7 points against North Judson, to scoring 15 against Morgan Township. Junior Elliot Coad, scoring only 7 points against North Judson, shot a blistering 20 points, with two 3-point shots made. The Redskins equaled Morgan Township, each team making four 3-point shot attempts. Senior Patrick Ambrose made the other two 3-pointers for Knox, earning 14 points against Morgan Township after shooting just 2 points against North Judson.

If the Redskins continue to improve their game, the way they have in their first two games, then fans will begin to see the wins come the Redskins’ way.

Ambrose with the bucket.

Future Redskin Shows Up For NJ Game

Knox takes on NJ

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Knox Wrestling Competes at the CMA Early Bird Duals

Culver Military Academy Early Bird Duals 11/20/10

Knox vs South Bend Adams 23 - 51
Knox vs Indianapolis Arlington 54 - 13
Knox vs Tippecanoe Valley 42 - 41
Knox vs Culver Military Academy 24 - 57
Knox vs Plymouth 17 - 61

Knox Record 2 - 3
Knox Season Record 3 - 3

Weight Class Champs
140 Devann Biddle

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Student Thoughts - The One Time the Radio Beats the iPod

The One Time the Radio Beats the iPod

I play my iPod in my car every time I am in it. I play my favorite songs over and over. No matter how many times I play them though, hearing your favorite song on the radio, awesome!

-C. Norem

Written by a student in Mrs. Matysak's classroom.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Athletic Awards Recognizes Students

Wrestling Starts with a Team Win!

Knox hosted a wrestling meet on Tuesday night with Culver Community High School. 

The meet ended with scores of :   Knox 49 vs. Culver Community 30

103 Kyle Cummins (K) def. FF(CC); 112 Josh Walters (CC) def. FF (K); 119 Blake Minix (K) def. Allen Betts (CC) 16-11; 125 Eric Dan (K) def. FF (CC); 130 Zach Duplay (CC) def. Kevin Land (K) Fall 5:10; 135 Ian Randolph (CC) def. Matt Goetz (K) Fall 3:52; 140 Brandon Beauchamp (K) def. Lodge Burgess (CC) Fall :29; 145 Devann Biddle (K) def. Levi Bennett (CC) Fall 1:31; 152 Matt Shotts (CC) def. FF (K); 160 Garrett Majchrzak (K) def FF (CC); 171 Jordon Beem (K) def. Mark Hurford (CC) 21-11; 189 Matt Hurford (CC) def. Mike Sustaita (K) Fall 2:50; 215 Tyler Keeton (K) def. Kyle Kersey (CC) Fall :38; 285 Logan Short (K) def. FF (CC)

KHS Students Donate to Riley Children's Hospital

Knox Community High School is proud to be a Riley school. KHS student council members performed numerous fundraisers in order to raise a $572.00 donation for Riley Children's Hospital. This amounts to $1.00 per student in attendance at KHS at the end of last school year. We are proud to support the great work at Riley's.

Darienne Griffith, Erica Pick, Rachel Lenig, Shane Smith, and Haley Windbigler pose for a picture with the KHS students donation to Riley Children's hospital. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Student Thoughts - Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoons

It's Sunday morning, but not just any ordinary Sunday. It's Football Sunday! Just knowing that I get to watch the Indianapolis Colts gets me all hyped up and makes me very happy. Start with going to church though of course, singing and praising the lord. Listening to a great sermon preached from the pastor. Then after that's all said and done you hop in the car and drive fast, but not too fast have to be a safe driver. Get home grab a juice box, PB&J sandwich, and some chips. Jump over the couch get comfortable, flip on to a local station and there will be the Colts game. Awesome!!

Written by a student in Mrs. Matysak's classroom.

Volleyball Team Recognized by KCSC Board of Education

The spotlight on success for the November 15 KCES School Board meeting was focused on the Lady Redskins Volleyball team. This team is the first in the school’s history to obtain the title of Class 3A Regional Champions.

Mr. Welter commented to the girls that they made volleyball so much fun for those who watch it and that the manner in which they conducted themselves made the entire community proud.  These statements were echoed by the other members of the KCSC Board.

Just a Note:  The spotlight on success time is used to highlight positive activities in the school corporation. This includes students, programs, or staff members. This gives the KCSC School Board a chance to recognize the efforts of our staff and highlight our top programs and accomplishments.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Caity Farus- NCAA Division I School

Caity Farus signs letter of intent to play for High Point University.  Caity will be the first Volleyball player from Knox to play for a NCAA Division I school.  We wish her the best of luck.

Caity has been selected to the 3A/4A North All-Star team. The ICGSA (Indiana Coaches of Girls Sports Association) invited 40 seniors to try out for the team. The coaches of the North teams that played at the State Finals (Lafayette Central Catholic, Fairfield, Bellmont and Penn) selected 14 girls to represent the 3A/4A North teams. The team will play the South All-Stars at Perry Meridian High School on Sunday, November 21 at 4:00 EST.

Veteran's Day - KHS Recognizes Veterans

The students and staff of Knox High School joined in to recognize our countries veterans on November 11, 2010.

Veteran's Day at KHS

Veteran’s Day programs were held Thursday at the Knox High School and Knox Middle School. Veterans from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Desert Storm and Afghanistan and Iraq were honored during these services. VFW members American Legion participated in the services by posting the flags and conducting a 21 gun salute.

The guest speaker at both the High School and Middle School was Mr. Charles Ratliff, United States Navy-Retired and current English teacher at the Knox Community Elementary School. Mr. Ratliff was asked what message he brought to the students.

“Being a veteran is a special thing,” explained Ratliff. “It’s something that a person does for their country. They give up a period of time in their life to serve their country, in essence, to do whatever is asked of them. I served during a time when Saddam Hussein invaded Iraq and invaded Kuwait in 1990 and I was serving right on the cusp of that changeover from what our military used to be to what it is today. For me, it was an honor to serve and it’s just something special. We take this day to remember that.”

Ratliff was asked what it means to him to be a veteran, “To me, it just means that I did something special, I did some pretty extraordinary things in the military that I’m proud of, and I served my country. They made me into the person I pretty much am today. They gave me the character that I have today because of my service.”

Report taken from WKVI Anita Goodan

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Girls Basketball Profile

Player Profile—Brittany Tetzloff  Brittany returns for her senior season after being selected as a member of the Northern State Conference All 

Conference team a season ago. Through two games this year, Brittany is our leading scorer as well as leading our team in assists. As a sophomore ,Brittany received our most improved player award, and followed that up her junior year with being selected as our top defensive player. Once again we are looking for a big year on both ends of the floor from her as she begins her senior campaign.

Monday, November 1, 2010

KHS Cheerleaders Advance to State Finals!!!

KHS Cheerleaders Advance to State Finals!!!
Varsity Prelims Competition took place at Pendleton Heights High School October 30, 2010.

High School Cheer State Championships will be held at New Castle HS at 11:47 (EST)
on November 6, 2010.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

KHS Volleyball Ends Season With Semi-State Run

The Knox Varsity Volleyball Team finished their season today with a loss to 3rd Ranked Yorktown in the Class 3A Plymouth Semi-State.  Scores: 14-25, 13-25, 14-25.

The Knox Redskins had an outstanding season with an overall record of: 33-5 and with the following accomplishments:

Varsity Overall Record: 33-5

Varsity NSC Record: 7-0
Varsity Tournament Record: 11-3
Varsity Team Accomplishments:
Class 3A Regional Champions!
Class 3A Sectional Champions!
Northern State Conference Champs!
LaPorte Tournament 2nd Place
Tippecanoe Valley Tournament Champions
South Bend Adams Tournament Champions
Undefeated at Home

JV Overall Record: 24-1

JV NSC Record: 7-0
JV Tournament Record: 5-1
JV Team Accomplishments:
Northern State Conference Champs!
Undefeated at Home
LaPorte JV Invitational
Tournament Champs

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Knox Varsity Volleyball Team Won it's first ever Regional Championship!

The Knox Varsity Volleyball Team Won it's first ever Regional Championship tonight by beating Hammond Gavit 3-0 with the scores of: 25-12, 25-10, 25-8.  The Lady Redskins' overall record stands at 33-4.

The Lady Redskins will be back in action this coming Saturday Oct. 30 at the Class 3A Plymouth Semi-State to compete against Yorktown. The match will begin at 10:00 AM CDT (11:00 AM EDT).

We hope to see you there!

Regional Stats:

Kills: Caity Farus - 14, Janyl Zachary - 12, Hannah Folkers - 11, Kaitlin Zachary - 7
Assists: Brittany Tetzloff - 40
Aces: Caity Farus - 7, Kelsy Kajer - 5
Blocks: Caity Farus - 2
Digs: Kierstynn Combs - 17, Kelsy Kajer - 15

Thank You!

Jake Skelly
Knox Volleyball 2010

Semi - State Bracket

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Knox Wins Sectional Championship!

The Redskins beat Andrean in the Sectional Championship Match 3-0 with the scores of: 25-17, 25-22, 25-20.

The Knox Varsity Volleyball Team Won the Class 3A Kankakee Valley Sectional Championship Saturday Night!

The Redskins beat Andrean in the Sectional Championship Match 3-0 with the scores of: 25-17, 25-22, 25-20.  The Lady Redskins started the morning by beating Kankaee Valley 3-1 in the semi-final match with the scores of: 25-10, 25-27, 25-8, 25-15. 

Stats vs. Kankakee Valley:
Kills: Caity Farus - 20, Hannah Folkers - 14, Janyl Zachary - 10, Kaitlin Zachary - 8, Kierstynn Combs - 5
Assists: Brittany Tetzloff - 37
Aces: Caity Farus - 5 Janyl Zachary - 3, Kierstynn Combs - 3
Digs: Kierstynn Combs - 28, Kelsy Kajer - 21
Blocks: Caity Farus - 8

Stats vs. Andrean:
Kills: Caity Farus - 18, Janyl Zachary - 11, Hannah Folkers - 10, Kaitlin Zachary - 5
Assists: Brittany Tetzloff - 36
Aces: Janyl Zachary - 5
Digs: Kelsy Kajer - 21, Kierstynn Combs - 16
Blocks: Caity Farus - 13

The Lady Redskins will back in action this Tuesday Oct 26 at 7:00 PM CDT in the Knox Weinberg Gym to Face Hammond Gavit in the Regional Championship Match!

Please Come out and support the Redskins!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


The Knox Varsity Volleyball Team started off Sectional play tonight by beating Griffith High School 3-0 with the scores of: 25-8, 25-12, 25-9.
The Knox Varsity Overall Record stands at 30-4.
Kills: Caity Farus 19, Hannah Folkers 10, Janyl Zachary 7
Assists: Brittany Tetzloff 29
Aces: Kierstynn Combs 5, Hannah Folkers 5
Blocks: Caity Farus 5 Kaitlin Zachary 3
Digs: Kelsy Kajer 15

The Lady Redskins will be back in action for the Sectional Semi-Finals at Kankakee Valley High School Starting at 11:00 am CDT Saturday Oct 23. Come out and support the Redskins!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Redskin Football - A Senior Night Win

The Redskins entered the field through a cheering crowd and a mass of smoke.  The team went on to win the game 6-0.  Pictures Feature:   #53 - Chris Weliczko,  #43 - Korey Stamper, #7 - Christian Terusiak.  

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Volleyball Tops North Judson 3-0

Coach Skelly reports that the Knox Varsity Volleyball Team beat North Judson 3-0 with the scores of: 25-18, 25-19, 25-13.

The Knox Varsity Overall Record is: 29-3.
The Knox JV Volleyball Team beat North Judson 2-0 with the scores of: 25-15, 25-14.
The Knox JV Overall Record is: 19-1.

The Knox JV Team will be back in action at the LaPorte Tournament this Saturday.
The Varsity and JV Teams will play their final regular season match on Monday at Logansport.