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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Student Thoughts - Moments Before Takeoff

Moments Before Takeoff

School is out, the pools are at the perfect temperature, and the air conditioners are at full blast. You'd think that this time would be a time of merriment and joy. Well, you're wrong. Hours of driving in the blistering heat; without that mechanical cool breeze and the sun blazing overhead is the beginning of the misery I go through every year. It all goes downhill after that: getting stuck in traffic, having the strap of your bag dig away at your shoulder while your legs protest from exhaustion, being paranoid that you screw up and end up getting arrested, and praying that you don't end up near a drooling, snot dribbling baby... OR WORSE. Now, you try doing that ALONE: as in, with no friends, no parents. NO ONE YOU KNOW is with you as you make it through this ordeal.

Of course, once you survive the two-hour drive to the airport, make it through the lines, pass security with flying colors, and getting a window seat in the front of the plane isn't as bad as I thought... But what really makes it worth while is the takeoff itself: feeling that rush of adrenaline as the airplane speeds down the hot landing strip, your body being pushed back, as well as the feeling of your stomach greeting your spine for the first time in a year. It makes a whole two hours beforehand worth it. AWESOME!

-J. Richey
Written by a student in Mrs. Matysak's classroom.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Choir Concert Welcomes In the Season

Girls Basketball Profile

Player Profile—Kierstynn Combs

Kierstynn returns for her fourth season on the varsity with very high expectations. Having started the previous two seasons at one of the guard positions, Kierstynn is transitioning this year into a post player where we hope to get her some more favorable matchups. We are also hoping this makes us more difficult to defend when we decide to field a small lineup while still being able to defend all five positions.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Student Thoughts - Old People

Old People

I know everyone likes babies, but I am a bit more interested in a different group of toothless bald people. Yes, I'm talking about old people. It's those moments right after they have told you a pointless story that has probably changed about five dozen times throughout the years and you're walking away. You take a few steps, and realize you have the biggest, cheesiest smile you can muster up all because you know this will be you one day. Awesome!

-H. Rogers

Written by a student in Mrs. Matysak's classroom.