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Monday, August 29, 2011

Slating Your Hunger Cravings

Okay, it's been a long day. You've been outside with your family for the most part and you haven't eaten all day. Your parents tell go out for dinner and you're stuck with your younger siblings for the rest of the night. Suddenly, this all too familiar feeling comes knocking...you need to nom on something or you'll explode!
You tear your house apart looking for the perfect morsel of food to slate your cravings. Franticly you journey though the frozen wastes that is your freezer in search of some long lost icy treasure, dig into cans upon cans of soups looking for the right one, climb to the peak of your cabinets to rustle in long forgotten boxes of pop tarts and..wait...what's this?
Your mouth starts to water as you remove that box of Cocoapuffs from the shelf, your fingers tingle as you retrieve your bowl, spoon, and milk. The quiet tinging of the little balls of chocolate heaven is music to your ears, taste buds in your mouth dance and sing as the icy spoon nears, and then....bliss.

That first bite of the taste you've been craving feels absolutely amazing, absolute ecstasy. Angels sing, every living creature in the world dances in perfect harmony.


Submitted by Jacob Kietzman...Mrs. Matysak's Class.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hello Strangers!

After a long summer break of hardly seeing your friends, you get overwhelmed when you go back to school and get to see them again. When seeing a friend, you become super happy, want to engulf them in a friendly hug, and catch up on things you've missed out on. You spot one of your “friends” stroll by and you get a glimpse of them, you look at them all thrilled and start to wave like a baboon. But, then you realize, that the person you are waving at, is a complete stranger! So now this person is questioning themselves, “Are they waving at me?,” or “Do I know them?” So you feel like a goon for waving at this person you have never seen once in your life; and then want to go crawl in a hole where no one will see you. Love the moments like that, they are so AWESOME!!

Submitted by Miranda Howard...Mrs. Matysak's Class.

Friday, August 19, 2011

It's Friday Night Football!

KHS Football has a big win against Winamac with a score of 41-0.  Way to go Redskins.

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First Football Game - The Fans Go Wild!

High School Band and Fans enjoy the KHS Football game on Friday.

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Unique Study Site Is Discovered

A Unique study site has been found by our KHS students. On Friday the Mac's were clearly visible at McDonalds. We are not talking Big Mac's but the new KHS MacBook computers.Posted by Picasa