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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

Solo and Ensemble District Competition

Congratulations to the Knox Community High School and Middle School for an outstanding weekend at Indiana State School Music Association Solo and Ensemble District Competition this past Saturday at Valparaiso High School. The High School and Middle School combined for a total of 52 students who received Gold Ratings, 13 students who received Silver Ratings, and 7 students who received Bronze Ratings. Senior Brenden Owens, Junior Hannah Janson, and Junior Mathew Miller all qualified for State Finals competition to be held at North Central High School in Indianapolis on February 25, 2012. Congratulations to all on an outstanding competition!

Redskin Girls Win Sectional Game 2

Knox 12-11 (14-21-34-45)

Coad 0, Frasure 6, Gilbert 6, Lenig 0, Howard 7, Wagner 12, Zachary 3, Combs 9, Brown 0, Elliott 0, Shepherd 6, Hodge 0

Total fouls 12, 3pt fg Gilbert 2

Friday, February 10, 2012

KHS Vocalists Receive Gold Medals

On Saturday January 28th, members of the Knox High School Showstoppers traveled to Valparaiso for District Vocal Solo and Ensemble. The students had outstanding performances, receiving a Gold medal rating for each of their events.

Receiving Gold medal ratings:

Group III Boys Small Ensemble: Matt Neuer, Dakota Salyers, Tyler Feece, David Begley, Hunter Gilbert, and Michael Burns

Group II Vocal Solo: Emily Michel and Kara Aaron

Group I Girls Large Ensemble: Leilanie Diaz, Cara Hasnerl, Morgan Page, Kara Aaron, Kayla Bailey, Emily Michel, and Anna Haskins

Group I Girls Small Ensemble: Shelby Gilbert, Brittany Rowe, Darian Ritchie, Cassandra Glover, Rachel Larson, and Hannah Janson

Group I Large Mixed Ensemble: Kara Aaron, Kayla Bailey, David Begley, Michael Burns, Leilanie Diaz, Tyler Feece, Hunter Gilbert, Shelby Gilbert, Cassandra Glover, Anna Haskins, Cara Hasnerl, Hannah Janson, Rachel Larson, Emily Michel, Matt Neuer, Morgan Page, Darian Ritchie, Brittany Rowe, and Dakota Salyers

Group I Vocal Solos: Rachel Larson, Brittany Rowe, Matt Neuer, and Hannah Janson

The three Group I Ensembles, and four Group I Solos, all qualified for the State Vocal Solo and Ensemble contest. The State contest will take place on February 18th at Perry Meridian High school, in Indianapolis.

Girls Take Game One - Sectional Play

Knox Wins First Game of Sectional over Andrean!

Knox 11-11 (12-27-40-53)

Coad 3
Frasure 8
Gilbert 9Lenig 0
Howard 4
Wagner 14
Zachary 9
Combs 6
Brown 0
Elliott 0
Shepherd 0
Hodge 0

Total fouls 15, 3pt fg Frasure 2, Combs 2

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Athletic Hall of Fame

Girls Basketball vs Pioneer High School

Knox (9-10) 18-34-45-56

Coad 0 - Frasure 5 - - Gilbert 9 - Lenig 0 - Howard 4 - Wagner 14 - Zachary 15 - Combs 5 - Brown 2 - Elliott 0 - Shepherd 2

Total Fouls 11 3 pt FG Frasure, Gilbert (3), Wagner, Combs