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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Redskin Brigade at the Bass Lake Parade


Miss Bass Lake, Nicole Knutel, joins in the fun at the parade

KHS Senior Nicole Knutel is joined by other Bass Lake royalty during the Bass Lake Parade.


Miss Kankee Vally, Katlynn Surfus, joins the Bass Lake Festival Parade.

Miss Kankee Vally QT, Katlynn Surfus, joins the Bass Lake Festival Parade.   

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Indiana High School receives National Print Ed. Certification and adds flexo press to printing program

Knox High School built in 1975 and the school board president, who was the publisher of the local newspaper, wanted to start a Graphic Arts Department. In 1976 Mr. Sullivan Sullivan was fresh out of college with a major in Industrial Arts, but with more of a specialization in Graphic Arts, was added as a teacher. Mr. Sullivan/Knox HS started out with a used Hamada 700 printing offset lithography. Since that time Knox HS has always tried to expand. They felt their mission is to spread printing awareness - not just lithography. Any kind of printing they could find, Mr. Sullivan/Knox HS was clearly the teacher to do it. After 10 years of success and growth, Knox HS program was doing well teaching many types of printing, but realized their glaring omission was in flexo. They could easily see how important it was in the printing world (packaging/lables) and really wanted to get started. At the time a flexo press was financially out of reach for the program. Mr. Sullivan and the Knox administration discussed various ideas to start a flexography program. That's when Mr. Sullivan go to work and contacted Bettylyn Kraft with the Phoenix Challenge to see if there was any equipment that they would like to donate to the school program. The Mark Andy 830 press was found and after two years the flexo program was born.
Knox HS principal, Dr. Elizabeth Ratliff, has been very supportive of the program and the improvements made. The press and the commitment to achieving National Print Certification for our students is a testament to the support received from Knox HS administration and the KCSC to continue to offer students all types of printing. Thank to Mr. Sullivan’s efforts, Knox HS is the only high school in the state to add a flexo press to the print education program this year. The day the first printed label from the flexo press ran there was a celebration by Dr. Ratliff and Mr. Sullivan. The excitement alone will keep MPI/Mr. Holley involved with Knox HS to help support and improve the program. With programs like these we will have nationally certified student press operators with knowledge of what we do, how we do it and why we do it. Knox High School will become a source for well trained and nationally certified employees for an industry that is truly in need.

Mr. Sullivan shows off the new stickers from the press.

Dr. Ratliff Joins ISSMA State Board

Knox High School Principal, Dr. Elizabeth Ratliff has been nominated to the Indiana State School Music Association State Board (ISSMA).  

Dr. Ratliff will be the administrative representative for 15 counties that make up Zone 3.  The ISSMA organization provides educationally evaluated music performance actives for the student and teachers of Indiana.  ISSMA sponsors many competitive events for Marching Band, Solo and Ensemble, Orchestra, Choral,  Concert Band, and Jazz Band that are attended by schools around the state.  Dr. Ratliff is thrilled to be able to work with this group to continue the outstanding experiences for our area students.