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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2003 Knox High School Grad Adrienne Geisler performed for Knox Community High School

2003 Knox High School Grad Adrienne Geisler performed for Knox Community High School and Middle School students on 11/26/13.  Adrienne is a professional violinist with the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra and the daughter of Knox Choir Accompanist Char Geisler.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Noodle making in life skills.

Here is a skill we would all love to have.... Noodle making in life skills.
Just another fun day in this class.  Lizzy did come out of this experience with flour all over from flipping the noodles.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

KHS 2013 Fall Sports Awards

Special Award Winners for Fall Sports

Blanket Award Winners
Sarah Coad, Eric Dan, Davey Johnston, Nathan Lynch and Curtis Scherer

Cara Hasnerl, Abby Bridegroom, Kara Howard, Kylie Bridegroom, and Torie Elliott

Boys Tennis
Jordan Anderson, Davey Johnston, Curtis Scherer, and Larry Scheets

Korey Stamper - Les Mullins MVP
River Brooks and Korey Stamper

Girls Golf
Miranda Shepherd and Sarah Coad

Girls Cross Country
Sophie Flora and Abby Emigh

Boys Cross Country
Cody Carlson, Seth Hernandez, and Jimmy Bone

Lyric Broeker, Kristin Binkley, and Megan Howard


Monday, November 11, 2013

KHS Veterans Day Program - November 11, 2013

KHS would like to thank our speaker SSG Jerry Nenycz from the United States Army-National Guard for his inspirational words to the Knox High School student body.

Sergeant (SSG) Jerry Nenycz is a graduate of Knox High School that enlisted in the Indiana Army National Guard in 2002.  He was mobilized with the infantry and deployed to Afghanistan to support Operation Enduring Freedom in 2004-05.  There he earned his combat infantryman’s badge.  Upon returning home, SSG Nenycz was promoted to Sergeant, became a member of the Honor Guard, and became a paratrooper and as assistant team leader.  He has also worked simultaneously as a recruiter and instructor with the Indiana Army National Guard.  

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