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Friday, October 31, 2014

The marching train to Semi-State is ready to go!

Thursday October 30, 2014 the Knox Redskin Brigade hosted their end of the season community performance. KRB shared an amazing performance! Chugga Chugga, Choo Choo!!

The Redskin Brigade will be Knox Redskin Brigade will compete in Semi-State at Decatur Central High School on November 1. Knox will take the field at 4:20 CST.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

KHS Aquatics Boat Regatta! Time to hit the water!

KHS Boats hit the pool!  Students excitedly show off their boats prior to the big race.

During this period the boats and students did not fair well.  Wet fun for all involved!

Cardboard Boat Regatta - KHS Aquatics Fun!

Aquatics students prepare for a cardboard boat regatta. Students are half way through the process of building their cardboard boats. These will be propelled by paddles with seams taped. Last one afloat wins!  Students were tasked with designing, building and floating cardboard boats.   

Hold on! Here comes the KHS Regatta Competition!

NHS Supports Tug-of-War!

Tug of War for Life!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Knox High School Students Plan Community Project

Knox High School Students Plan Community Project

Published: WKVI   October 25, 2014 By: Ed Hasnerl

Forty Knox High School senior English students have decided to pool their dreams in a unique project using the skills learned in their classrooms, such as research, writing, construction, marketing, and computer knowledge to develop a vacant Knox downtown lot into an inviting, landscaped, park-like area.

Hoping to coordinate those dreams with the Knox City Council and the Park Board, the enterprising kids are planning a gazebo, maybe a pergola, benches, a picnic table or two, and other improvements.

The group hopes to hold fundraisers to finance the ambitious project and are counting on their own “elbow grease,” depending on their individual skills and interests, as well as donated labor from professionals and other volunteers.

It could be completed by next spring if the appropriate governmental, bodies approve the project.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Red Ribbon Week - Speaker Todd Crandell - Ironman

Red Ribbon week is in full swing this week.  KHS was exited to welcome Todd Crandell from Racing for Recovery as our speaker.  Todd is now an Ironman Triathlon runner and public speaker.

Founded by Todd Crandell in 2001, Racing for Recovery works to save lives and improve the quality of life for addicts and their friends and family by promoting a lifestyle of health, fitness and sobriety.  Thanks goes out to Drug and Tobacco Free Starke County for the speaker!

Kyler Murray redesigns KHS football score board logo!

Kyler Murray has redesigned the KHS football score board logo in time for Senior night at KHS.  This KHS graphics student poses proudly by the new board.

The pictures were taken by KHS student J. Christopher.